Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thirty Before Thirty

Well, today's my birthday, and now I'm 29. I'm pretty happy in my life, so I'm not really stressed out about aging (plus I recently found out that I am going to live to be 102, so that helps). But the thought of 30 closing in does make one take stock of one's life and one's goals. Recently, while perusing one of my favorite blogs, Making It Lovely, I came across a post the author, Nicole, wrote about thirty things she wanted to accomplish before she turns thirty this fall. It seemed like a worthwhile pursuit, and I decided to blatantly rip off the idea. Otherwise, without goals, I could end up happily wasting the last year of my twenties sitting on this couch with this laptop yammering away to you people (no offense- I love yammering to you). Kind of like New Year's resolutions, but more of them, and with an expiration date. But here's the thing- once I started coming up with things I wanted to do a few weeks ago, I started doing them already. So, I've already done a few of these (represented by the strikethroughs)- I'll keep updating, as I accomplish them. I hope you don't mind that I'm a such a goal-oriented person.  I'll keep you updated as I plow through these thangs. Here's to the last 365 days of my youth- may they be extremely productive!

1. Run a half marathon and a 10K (not every race has to be a marathon).
2. Swim from the island (in the lake where we go in the summer. This concludes the athletic portion of my goals).
3. Build out a roofdeck on my apartment.
4. Renovate my downstairs bathroom (ugh, so ugly).
5. Find a weekly yoga class I love (trust me, if I love it, it won't count as athletic).
6. Write, write, write.
7. Place a bet on a horse race and win. (unless you don't count winning $100 on a $5 bet at the Belmont Stakes last weekend, suckers!)
8. Read Ayn Rand, finally, and find out what people have been talking about.
9. Write thank-you notes every time someone does something nice for me.
10. Learn how to edit film.
11. Get better at HTML (better than terrible can't be that hard).
12. Teach my baby niece to say my name.
13. Figure out and master the best chocolate-chip cookie recipe.
14. Teach my dog to roll over. (I'm so proud. She'll do anything for food. Just like her mama).
15. Learn new ways to cook fish inside without stinking up the house.
16. Learn the Beyonce "Single Ladies" dance (yeah, I know I'm late to the table on this one, but I still love it).
17. Find a great self-tanner (if one exists) and use it, instead of crisping myself in the real sun all summer.
18. Install shutters in my living room (so I can walk from the kitchen to the bedroom in a towel without traumatizing the neighbors).
19. Do a 5-day juice fast.
20. Do a kidney and liver cleanse. (First, find out how to do a liver and kidney cleanse).
21. Bowl over a 180 (I think my previous record is 150).
22. Visit a new country with my husband.
23. Learn to sail (passably- I'm not trying to become an Admiral or anything).
24. Master my own signature punch recipe. I'm almost there...
25. Borrow my friend's Rosetta Stone Spanish tapes and complete the course.
26. Take a skiing lesson so I can keep up with JM on the bowls and double blacks without peeing my pants.
27. Get annual check-ups at the dermo, gyno, dentist, herbalist,voodoo priestess and my general practitioner to make sure I'm in top physical form (I mean, for me. I'm not trying to be Lance Armstrong or anything).
28. Talk my husband into going camping. Maybe climb something? (But just getting him to sleep in a tent would be an accomplishment in itself).
29. Find and buy a sun hat that actually looks good on me. I admit it's a long shot with this massive noggin.
30. Learn how to get "beach hair" without going to the beach. Or just go to the beach a lot. Either way, I'll be happy.

What are your goals for this year? Take it from me- even if you're only turning 25 (a baby!) it's never too early to figure out the stupid superficial things you want to accomplish!

photo credit: Martha Stewart


SFDC said...

Ambitious list! I've got a recommendation for #17: Tan Towels! The color is really natural looking and the application is a breeze.

Jen said...

I used the Jergen's foaming self tanner, it's really easy to use and dries quickly! It doesn't leave my pale legs streaky or stinky.

Rebecca said...

I have two for you:
The chocolate chip cookie recipe here is my favorite. Even my husband, a non-cookie person, likes them.

I too have a mega head (it must be our big brains) and the only sun hat that works for me is called the St. Tropez and is made by a company called Physician Endorsed. I got mine at Nordstrom but they seem to be available at many places. My other suggestion is to check the men's department of big stores--I've gotten a few cute hats from Target and K-Mart, especially during the summer when the men's styles are straw and beachy.

Good luck!

Lindsay N. Strickland said...

I agree with you! I'm list-oriented too, and it makes me want to cross through my items very boldly. Nothing like a little list motivation...

You've got a full, but fun year planned from the looks of that list!!

I agree with previous poster, I use Jergens. It smells the least like cat pee (disgusting, I know)- just my opinion though...

Jamie Pickle said...

This is a great list!! I just turned 29 on Saturday and decided I want to lose 30 lbs., sell our house and find a new one and figure out my career path by the time I am 30!! Good luck to you!

Katie said...

I am in love with lists! I have 5 concurrent ones going on right now.

For "Learn new ways to cook fish inside without stinking up the house" - I've got an easy one for you because I absolutely hate the house smelling like fish, garlic, anything burned. I usually bake the fish if I'm making it inside. It's quick, easy, and no babysitting. You can accomplish other things in 15-20 minutes or relax on the couh.

Anonymous said...

I have been following you on twitter but this is, to my knowledge, my first time on your bloggedy! Great list- I think everyone should have one...or some sort of list like it! Good luck! :) xo

Becka said...

My pick for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe goes to Alton Brown. His episode "3 Chips for Sister Marsha" included 3 different recipes, all of which are delicious, and you can pick the one that makes the kind of cookies you prefer. (thin, puffy, or chewy) All 3 recipes are available on Food Network's website.
My favorite are "The Puffy" (make sure you use light brown sugar, not dark, and I lighten up on the salt just a little bit)
I hope this helps! :)

Jade said...

OOoh, #25...
Can we do it together?

Lily said...

Yes! We can hablo espanol juntas, without being embarrassed, and simulcast in on both our blogs! And while we're at it, maybe you can teach me to make Chocoflan.

Anonymous said...

I recommend the chocolate chip cookie recipe from Cookies Unlimited by Nick Malgieri. I use 1/2 butter 1/2 shorting and mix milk and simi sweet chips. Sometimes I add a dash of orange or lemon extract too.

Lori: Extreme Results said...

Great idea!! I just turned 28. This sounds like something I need to blog about as well!