Monday, April 12, 2010

Well Suited (with Guest Blogger Amber)

I just got back from spending a week in California with my family and friends. While I was there, I kept up a very busy schedule of sunbathing, reading, yoga, swimming, eating home-cooked meals and and drinking wine- you can imagine how stressful and exhausting it was. One day, while I was lounging poolside, my friend Amber showed up wearing a super-cute and flattering ruched bikini top. "Where, pray tell, did you get that adorable suit?" I asked. Her answer stunned and amazed me: It turns out that her suit was just a plain old cheap-o triangle top from Old Navy (shop for your own here), that she had rearranged and tied unconventionally in order to create a better-looking, better-fitting bikini top.  And that wasn't all! Amber had several other suit-tying techniques up her sleeve that could turn that same suit top into a variety of different styles- letting you make one suit look like a bunch of different suits. So you can avoid tan-lines, make a statement, and pack lighter, like a miracle! Even more miraculous, Amber agreed to model the looks and show us how to do them, so if you're lucky enough to have a little Spring Break of your own in the works, you can employ her bikini-top macrame techniques yourself. One caveat: This works better for us small-breasted girls than for you well-endowed ladies. But don't be sad if you can't wear a triangle top- you're already stacked, and you can't have everything!

Style #1: Upside-Down. (See on Amber, above). This is an easy one- simply tie the two bottom strings (BR and BL) together around the back of your neck. Then tie the strings that would normally go around your neck behind your back. Then adjust the cups til they are flattering.


Style #2: Bandeau. Tie the two bottom strings (BL and BR)tightly together in a bow. Then wrap the two remaining strings (TL and TR) around your back and tie it. If you prefer, you can tuck the bow into one of the cups for a cleaner look.

Style #3: Keyhole. This one is very similar to #2. Twist the two bottom strings (BR and BL) together in a half knot. Then tie them around the back of your neck. Then tie the two remaining strings (TL and TR) around your back.

 Style #4: Center Bow. Slide the triangles away from one another.  Tie the two top strings together in a bow.  Loop the string between the two cups over your neck. Tie the two remaining strings (BL and BR) behind your back. If you prefer, you can trim the ends of the bow short (but that's a permanent change).


Talia said...

How very clever and cute to boot! Thanks for sharing and for the pictures for us 'visual learners".

Nicole said...

what great ideas! cute!

Lily said...

Thanks! They are deceptively simple,too, once you figure them out! I admit that I tried to do them myself without the pictures and ended up tying myself in a knot.

Unknown said...