Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fancy Footwork (5 Essential Shoes for Summer)

In my apartment the biggest closet is my shoe and tool closet.  A shoe rack as tall as I am covers one wall, filled with my massive footwear collection, and the other corner houses a cabinet which contains my (equally loved) power saw, drill, and hand tools. That just about sums me up, I think.

But just like I don't use every tool all the time (it's been a while since I reached for my awl, for example), I don't actually wear most of those shoes very often. In fact, I was thinking about it, and I think I could easily get through the whole spring and summer with just 5 pairs of shoes.  Granted, I don't have a working-girl life with the pumps and the power suits and whatnot, so if you're some kind of fancy exec, you might need to add a pair or two of corporate-ladder-climbing shoes to the list, but for those in more casual workplaces, I think I've got you covered. So without further ado, here are my

Five Essential Pairs of Shoes Every Gal Should Have This Summer

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Slim, $50; 2. Seychelles Araxi II snakeskin sandals, $75; 3. Kate Spade Frenchie flats, $156; 4. Elie Tahari Cassandra heels, $398; 5. Kate Spade Blooming Espadrilles, $225.

1. Cute Sneakers: There's something so very Audrey Hepburn about wearing cute simple sneakers in the summer time. I wear mine with shorts, linen pants, skinny jeans, and even short dresses. My mom has been wearing simple white Keds with everything for years, and she always looks adorable. I should have listened to her sooner.
2. Flat Sandals:  Cute flat sandals can make any outfit stylish. I wear mine all year, with everything. They are particularly lovely with maxi dresses, or short shorts (and tan legs).
3. Comfy Flats: These aren't just my summer go-to shoes, but my anytime-there-isn't-snow-on-the-ground go-to shoes. Flats are pretty, feminine, stylish and put together looking, and they're appropriate for any activity: work, play, or dinner out. You cannot go wrong- I walk all over Manhattan in mine. And they are a must-have for flying- they slip right off for security, but keep your toes warm in-flight. Perfection.
4. Killer Heels: Every girl needs at least one pair of great, sexy heels. I think a metallic (like gold or silver) is more versatile than black, and will look great with your power suit at after-work drinks, or any bridesmaid dress you have to don this year (at least your feet will look great).
5. Fun Wedges: These are the shoes you switch into from the flat sandals or sneakers once the sun goes down. They make any outfit- dresses, shorts, jeans, more dressy and fun. I love a modern take on espadrilles like these.

Now just don't make me choose between my tools.


tootie said...

Good tips! I especially love my flats - so comfy and cute, too. And you're right - they are a must for traveling!

Lily said...

Thanks, tootie!
Of course, after I wrote that, I went into my closet and whispered sweet nothings to the shoes who didn't make the list. I didn't want anyone to get jealous.