Thursday, January 21, 2010

Razor Sharp

If I had my druthers, I would get laser treatment on all my stray hairs - be they on my legs, armpits, or eyebrows, and be done with the whole unpleasantness once and for all. But, this is one case where, contrary to type, blonds have less fun, as those treatments only work on dark-colored hairs. So, until someone comes out with a new process that works on the light wispys (and how about you make it painless, while you're at it?), I am stuck with shaving.
For those of you in the same boat, I recently was the recipient of a bit of wisdom from a surprising source: the checkout lady at the Duane Reade pharmacy up the street. Normally, the girls there are experts at expressing their disdain for customers through their eyes and gum-snapping. But, in the market for the new razor (has anyone come out with one with ten blades, yet?), I asked this which she thought was best. Noticing my wedding ring, she answered my question with another question: "What kind does your husband use?" She said that all of the major razor brands have a specific style of replacement blade that is universal across their models, and therefore are interchangeable. So, if your significant other (or generous roommate) uses a Shick, you should, too. That way, when one of you runs out of sharp blades, you can borrow one from the other, without venturing into actual razor-sharing (which is gross).
As a loyal Bostonian, JM is a devotee of the Gillette Fusion, so I opted for the Gillette Venus Divine, and I've never looked back. Goes to show, sometimes the sharpest ideas come from the most unexpected places.

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