Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Extend Yourself

You know how, when you need a little extra length on your laptop cord, or your power drill, or your Christmas tree lights, you have to plug them into an extension cord? And that's all well and good, until you actually try to put your laptop on your lap, or drill something, or string the lights onto the tree, and the dang thing immediately comes unplugged. And, god forbid you have to string several extension cords together, because then the real thing you are extending is your own frustration and misery.
But here's a simple trick to keep those extension cords from coming undone: When you attach them, twist them together in a half-knot before you plug them in. That way, when you tug on one end, it won't cause the connection to come undone. Look, I can't make that spreadsheet create itself, or that carpentry project turn out right, or keep that tree from scratching up your arms while you hang your lights, but at least this will help you keep on plugging away.

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