Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Weather Report

Today's Weather Report: Cloudy with a 100% chance of you looking super cute. Look, no one really likes a rainy day: the cold, wet toes, bad hair days, and musty-smelling sweaters are enough to put anyone in a bad mood - even Gene Kelly probably didn't twirl around streetlamps every time the barometer took a dip. But it's much easier to weather the storm in style when you have the proper gear to get you through. Waterproof rubber boots will have you bidding farewell to those soaked socks (and just might have you jumping in puddles). And who wouldn't be happy looking through a rainbow-polka-dotted umbrella? So, when the dark clouds roll in, just gear up in some of this cuteness, and, who knows? You just might even find yourself singing in the rain.

1. Bella Pagoda-style umbrella, $96, from; 2. Khaki rain jacket, $266, Cole Haan from; 3. Riding-style galoshes, $80, from J. Crew; 4. Cloud-pattern umbrella, $65, from Pare; 5. Polka-dotted clear umbrella, $22, from Totes; 6. Classic red Hunter rainboots, $114, from; 7. Rubber-and-leather duck boots, $84, from L.L.Bean; 8. Striped pocket umbrella, £25, from Lulu Guinness; 9. Green mackintosh rain jacket, $70, from L.L.Bean.

10. Brown-and-blue patterned umbrella, $40, from Merimekko; 11. Red bird-silhouette folding umbrella, $45, from Tray 6; 12. Silver short rain boots, $64, by Tretorn, from; 13. Floral-print Urban Mac rain jacket, $138, from Boden USA, 14. Hot-pink heeled Randi rainboots, $125, from Kate Spade; 15. Plaid-print galoshes, $40, by Tommy Hilfiger, from DSW; 16. Floral-print folding umbrella, $22, from Totes; 17. Flowery galoshes, $25, from; 18. Green rain jacket, $99, by Spiewak, from; 19. Peacock-feather print umbrella, $26, from

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