Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Working from home is not always easy. I mean, my life is pretty easy, but actually getting work done at home can be difficult. There are always dishes and laundry to be washed, a dog to be walked, a run I'm putting off, and a million random household or work projects calling my name. You might think that, being home all day, the days would just drag on and on for me (and I admit that was a concern for me when I left my full-time job) but it turns out that couldn't be further from the truth. By the time I get all those things checked off my list, eat something for lunch (like today's overly-toasted hamburger bun bottom) and post to the blog, I'm stunned to realize my husband's workday is almost over, and I have to quickly clean up the mess I inevitably made with that day's project and come up with something quick to make for dinner. Sometimes, I can't even get it all done in time, and things slip through the cracks - like that run. Or showering. Or, today, getting my blog post up before 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Luckily, I have discovered some really wonderful products that help make it a snap to throw together delicious, nutritious dinners in short time (sparing my poor husband from whatever other nonsense I might dig out of the fridge). Here are three wonderful products that I always keep stocked in the fridge or cabinets for those last-minute meals. They beat charred mateless bread products by a long shot.

Near East Couscous and Rice Pilaf: I am a huge fan of this whole line of products and we eat them all. My absolute favorites, though, are the Parmesan Couscous and Original Rice Pilaf. Both are great as a side to any chicken, fish, or meat and can be whipped up in a snap.

Rao's Homemade Marinara Sauce: I mourn the years I wasted cooking with supermarket-brand tomato sauce, before I knew about this stuff. It's a little more expensive, but it's completely all-natural and fresh and galaxies better than any other jarred tomato sauce I have ever tasted. Lightyears better. (Here's a tip: buy it at Whole Foods; it's about $2 cheaper there than anywhere else). In a pinch, I chop up whatever veggies are in the fridge, mix them with this sauce and spoon it over couscous or pasta. Or I use it to whip up this rustic eggy deliciousness. Yum.

Soy Vay: I love these sauces- no freaky preservatives or junk, and so tasty. I use the Island Teriyaki to quickly marinate chicken or fish before throwing it in the oven or on the grill for 10 minutes. Voila- dinner is ready (even if I never am)!

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