Friday, January 9, 2009

Root for Your Boots

Is there anything worse than floppy boot tops? Okay, yes. But is there anything worse that is so easily fixable? This tip comes to us from my friend T, who, mentioned it oh-so-gently after seeing my sad, droopy boots getting all creased and damaged in the closet.

Instead of paying the big bucks for wooden boot shapers (like my dandy of a husband has), you can just drop a rolled up magazine into each boot. It will unfurl just enough to hold the bootleg erect (it should be all the way inside the boot- not sticking out like in my misleading pic). Just be sure to use a mag with a little heft- US Weekly probably won't be substantial enough (and no one ever accused US Weekly of being substantial).

It's a green, easy, and economical solution, and best of all, it gives me a great excuse to keep that Rolling Stone with Brad Pitt on the cover just a little longer. Give the droops the boot!

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