Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Luncheon Details (why not?)

After a full day of watching the Inauguration coverage, I am pretty well-versed in the details (although I'm still waiting for the photo from space that Wolf Blitzer keeps promising). I loved all of the pomp and patriotic tradition, but true to form, I was most interested in all of the details of the Congressional Luncheon. A little research on the official luncheon website revealed a surprising amount of detail. The meal was served on a reproduction version of the Lincoln china (above). There was also a special painting borrowed from the New York Historical Society- "View of the Yosemite Valley," by Thomas Hill, which served as a backdrop to the head table. The painting is meant to represent the "dawn of a new era" and also is an allusion to Lincoln's signing of the Yosemite Grant, which made the valley a public reserve.
The site also revealed what the floral arrangements looked like- pretty much what you might expect, if you ask me, what with the red, white and blue.
The best detail of on the website is the bizarre menu for the luncheon, along with the accompanying recipes. In honoring and alluding to Lincoln, the planners chose "game birds" and apples as ingredients because he was said to have enjoyed them. Click here to download the amazing recipes and have yourself a patriotic meal to celebrate! I'll see you in the pheasant aisle...

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