Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dude, Where's My Blog?

To My Dearest Darling Readers:
I just want to shoot a quick note to apologize for my absence this week. I've been (gulp) working on a last-minute freelance job outside my house, and by the time I get home I've been too zonked to write anything intelligible. I'm sorry, but in these difficult times I have to take whatever work I can get -- Self-publishing a blog on the Internet isn't free, you know. I have to buy... um, er.... okay, fine, self-publishing a blog on the Internet IS free. But wallpaper and vanilla extract are not, and what would I have to blog about without them (not to mention, why would I want to go on living on this earth)? So I stoically put on my hard hat and head back into the mines.
But, fear not, I'll be back tomorrow with plenty of excitement to share from all my adventures venturing outside the four walls of my abode. And I'll be living large with my hefty new paycheck: Extract shots for everyone!


yupela said...

What a delight to read that the heady winds of commerce have breezed into this lovely,helpful,comforting magnet called "A Charmed Wife."

Unknown said...

so excited. so understand.

neglected by blog to scrap - see today's post:

you are on my daily dose check list - so i'll check u 2moro!

Anonymous said...
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catherine carman said...

well played, Mrs. H!

Anonymous said...

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