Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puttin' On The Spritz

This year we are celebrating Thanksgiving with my husband's family, and will be going to dinner at his aunt and uncle's house, just outside the city. So, instead of us traveling to Boston, this year, my in-laws are coming to us. And while I won't miss attempting to schlep pies on an overcrowded, traffic-jammed bus, I do want to make the apartment lovely and welcoming for my mother-in-law (even though she has already promised to overlook the dog hair and dust bunnies), which creates it's own list of to-do's.
Here's a simple and easy trick to make your life easier this holiday season. Instead of pulling out the ironing board every fifteen minutes to de-wrinkle the endless stream of tablecloths, guest linens, holiday ribbons, and party clothes that you need, pull out a spray bottle. Fill it with clean (preferably distilled) water and, if you want, a few drops of lavender or rose water. Simply spread the tablecloth over the table, or the sheet on the bed (or hang that blouse from a hanger) and mist the fabric with water, getting the whole thing slightly damp. Then run your clean hands over the surface, and gently pull on the hems, smoothing out any wrinkles. Allow the fabric to dry completely, and it will look like you spent hours slaving over the iron. It's the perfect solution when you're pressed for time.

Photo credit: Real Simple

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