Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lunch at Midge's

Remember when you were a kid, and you had to write essays at the beginning of every school year about "What I Did on My Summer Vacation"? Well, I am fresh back from spending two (glorious) weeks at my family's lake house, and because I was a little bit delinquent about posting on the blog, and being home is making me feel very "Back to School," I feel like I need to catch up with you in a similar fashion. So I'll be sharing a few of the highlights of the last couple weeks with you this week. Hold onto your Trapper Keepers, because here we go.

Clockwise from top: lunch was a local whitefish with butter sauce, potatoes and arugula salad- so simple, and so good; The garden where all the magic happens; Yellow lab Finn is a good boy; The group of us (no, I'm not expecting- I'm going to put that unflattering dress in the trash as soon as I finish writing this); The cherry on top of it all was, natch, a cherry pie (I had seconds); The sunlit staircase to the second floor; My mom and her sister with a bounty of tomatoes- hearing these gals laugh (more like "cackle") together is one of my great joys in life; The flowers on the table all came from Midge's garden; A butterfly perched on a flower in the garden; The awesome tractor- next time I'm taking it for a spin; The dining room is so pretty and warm; The farmhouse; My uncle told me what kind of tree this is, but I forget- all I know is it's very old and very awesome. 

Right when I got up to the North Woods (leaving JM to toil away in New York), my parents, Skipper, and I hopped in the car and drove up to visit my Aunt Midge and Uncle Bob on their lovely farm, which I had never seen before. My cousin/bestie Andy, was also in town visiting his parents, so it was a double treat. It probably won't be hard to believe this if you know me at all by now, but I have always harbored a secret fantasy about living on a farm with a big barn and a garden, and a tractor, and dogs, and a huge, gorgeous tree. And I would just pick flowers and vegetables, and ride around on my tractor, and sit under my tree, and bake pies all day. And I would probably wear a lot of gingham (but that's neither here nor there). Well, it seems that this dream is hereditary, because when we arrived there, it was just like stepping right into my fantasy- right down to the charming red tractor. Midge made us a delicious lunch of locally-caught fish, and we finished it off with, you guessed it, a scrumptious homemade cherry pie. It was heavenly, and uncannily perfect.

But now that I'm back home in drizzly New York, I have to wonder if any of my relatives are living my "breezy tropical island bungalow" dream. And want some visitors.


tootie said...

Sounds like a great time! And that cherry pie looks divine... :)

Chloe said...

I mean can we say blessed. Love you miss you! What a great post.

Farrell De Mohammad said...

lovely vacation